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Annual Meeting

June 17, 2023 @RFC and Zoom

Time TBD


The Michigan Division Board is elected by members at the Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with the Michigan Division Senior Championship tournament in June.  Elected board members serve a one-season term from August 1st through July 31st.  According to the bylaws, "Written notice of the date, time, and place of the annual meeting shall be given to all members not less than fifteen (15) days in advance of such meeting. The notice shall contain a statement of offices to be filled at such a meeting and any proposed amendments to the By-laws to be voted upon.  

All Michigan Division Members in good standing, 18 years old or older by election day, with an Access Membership or greater, are allowed to vote in person or by proxy ballot, assigning power of attorney to another member in good standing.  

 Below are the descriptions of each position.



The Chair presides over all meetings.  It is their responsibility to file annual reports with US Fencing and file all sanctioned events with new ratings earned to US Fencing.


Vice Chair: 

In the absence of the Chair, shall perform the duties of the Chair.  The Vice Chair runs all Division events and posts these events on Askfred.  Responsibilities also include finding refs for all Division events, getting medals, etc.



The Treasurer keeps the accounts of the Division, receives money, dues, and fees of the Division, and pays all bills.  At the annual meeting, the Treasurer shall submit a financial report. 



The Secretary shall conduct all official correspondence, keep records of the meetings of the Division, and issue notices of the members of the meetings.  Responsibilities also include sending out the newsletter and posting events on social media.

Meet The 2023-24 Candidates

Proxy Ballot

Any member of the Division meeting the qualifications above may submit their vote for the election of officers and any other business contained in the written notice of the meeting, in writing to the Secretary no less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the meeting at which officers are to be elected.  

Proxy Ballot

This is to certify that the undersigned, a current member in good standing and voting member of Michigan Division of the USFA, has designated his or her representative to cast all votes and express all approvals or disapprovals that said member may be entitled to cast or express at the Annual Meeting of the Michigan Division, to be held on June 17, 2023 and any lawfully adjourned meetings thereof, and for all purposes provided by the the By-Laws of the Michigan Division.


In no event shall this proxy be valid after June 17, 2023 when the MI Division elections are held for the 2022-2023 USA Fencing Season.  Before June 17, 2023, this proxy shall be revocable, at any time, at the request of the undersigned voting member.

Thanks for Voting! Proxy Submitted!

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