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Welcome to the Michigan Division (MI DIV)
USA Fencing!

The modern sport of fencing is fast-paced sword play often described as physical chess.  It is extremely safe and appeals to people of all ages and abilities.  There are many fencing clubs and programs throughout the state of Michigan where you can join us.  Allez!

Dueling Fencers

About Fencing

  • Fencing is a safe combat sport with ancient roots.

  • It is one of the five original sports contested at every modern Olympics since 1896 and is currently featured at the summer program.

  • There are three different types of weapons: epee, foil, and saber.  We encourage new fencers to try all three before specializing!

  •  Each weapon has slightly different rules, strategies, and target areas.

  • The State of Michigan has two NCAA Collegiate Programs; Wayne State and University of Detroit Mercy.

  • There are several colleges throughout the state that boast very strong club programs including Central Michigan University, Michigan State, Oakland Community College, Oakland University, and University of Michigan.

  • Michigan has both able-bodied and parafencing.

  • At Michigan fencing clubs you'll find both recreational fencers and Olympians!

  • Anyone can start fencing no matter your age and you can compete from younger than age 8 or older than 80!

Connect with Michigan Division of USA Fencing (MI DIV for Short)

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