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Referee Reimbursement Program

To encourage and promote the development of referees in the state, Michigan Division has implemented a new incentive program. 


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The Michigan Division is fortunate to have two high-level referees who organize and develop the cadre in the state.  If you are interested in becoming a referee, or are a current referee looking to improve your rating, feel free to reach out to either mentor.

Alex is currently a national and international referee for able bodied fencing, and a national referee for para-fencing. She has been refereeing for near a decade. Alex volunteers her time in her local fencing community, offering insight in para-fencing and helping young referees hone their skills. Alex works actively as a CRO and formerly as a CRI to recruit and retain diversity within fencing, and specifically the referee cadre. In her professional life, she holds a law degree, is the Director of a housing program in the Metro-Detroit area focused on stable housing for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and holds several certifications in domestic violence prevention, sexual assault education, and trauma informed care. In her spare time (when not at work or engaged in fencing) Alex is an avid archer and enjoys spending some quality time with her guinea pigs. Alex holds weapons ratings of S-3, F-5, E-4

Patrick Webster is the current vice chair for domestic referee development for the referees commission, a position he has held for the past three years, and that he has been recently reelected to for the next four years. For the past 20 years, Patrick has been involved in all aspects of Fencing, as an athlete, as a coach, as a referee, as a bout committee member, and as an armorer. Most recently, he can be found at national tournaments as the Referee coordinator or as a weapon assigner for foil and epee. When not refereeing, Patrick works at General Motors, and has for over 20 years. He also serves as the head coach of Oakland University’s club fencing team. Patrick is a CRI holding weapons ratings of S-5, F-3, E-3

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