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Referee Reimbursement Program

Michigan Division Policy for Reimbursing Michigan Members Who Take The Referee Certification Seminar/Pass The Test(s)/Observation.  


Why:  To encourage and promote the development of new referees within the state of Michigan


Who:  Any current Michigan Division member of USA Fencing who is interested in becoming a NEW Certified Referee.  For more information, see Getting Started at the USFA website.


  • When a MI DIV member successfully completes a USFA Referee Seminar, AND passes the general online exam and at least one weapon, AND successfully completes an observation for at least one weapon, the Division will reimburse this member for the cost of the Seminar and Test(s).  We encourage our members to become certified in all three weapons–epee, foil, and saber–or any combination of their choosing. But since this reimbursement program is a ONE-TIME rebate per member, it is in the interest of the prospective referee to study and test for all three weapons at once.

  • Registration for a Referee Certification Seminar is a separate fee from the Referee Exam(s).  Additionally, registration for the Referee Exam and Referee Parafencing Exam are two separate testing fees.  If a new referee registers and passes both of these two general exams and at least one weapon , the Division will reimburse for the cost of each exam. 

  • This reimbursement program is only available to a member once, unless it has been greater than 10 years since they last took a ref clinic.  Applies only to MI DIV members who are new to the process.

  • IF THE MEMBER DOES NOT PASS THE TEST, THE DIVISION WILL NOT MAKE A REIMBURSEMENT for either the Seminar or the exam(s).  However, the exam(s) may be taken more than once, and though any retesting is at the expense of the member, the Division will reimburse a member for the cost of a single exam that they did successfully PASS.

  • The final process for becoming a referee is the observation/practical examination administered by a Referee Examiner.  This must be completed before submitting your request for reimbursement and can be arranged by contacting either Alex Gioiella or Patrick Webster.

  • For members age 18 and older, in addition to completing the referee seminar/test(s)/observations, any and all other mandatory programs must be completed in order to be in compliance with USFA employment (i.e. Safesport, +CheckEd, Sexual Harassment training, etc.) BEFORE reimbursement is made.  This program is to invest in employable referees within the state, and therefore these USFA compliance programs must be completed before you submit your reimbursement claim.  +CheckEd is an additional fee and MI DIV will NOT reimburse for this expense.

  • Upon meeting the conditions of the above, the Division will reimburse for the cost of the seminar and online exam(s) only.  Any other expenses such as travel costs, housing, food, personal items will NOT be reimbursable.  


How:  The member will request reimbursement via email to Requests must include the member name, USFA member #, when they took the clinic, when they passed the test(s), where/with whom they were observed, proof of payment for the clinic and the online exam(s), and where they would like their reimbursement check sent to.


The Michigan Division Treasurer will verify the member’s referee status via the Referee Database to confirm the minimum of a P designation and a good to go status (per current USA Fencing requirements for referees). After verification the Treasurer will mail a reimbursement check for the cost of the clinic and the cost of the test, to the referee member.  

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